Traveling with 14-Inch Hair Extensions: A Simple Guide

Traveling with 14-Inch Hair Extensions: A Simple Guide

Vacation is always an exciting time, but for those who have hair extensions, and the 14-inch ones in particular, it might be a bit more complicated. But how do you make sure that your extensions are always flawless, from packing to maintenance? Below, you will find useful recommendations and helpful tips that will help you to travel with hair extensions without any problems.

Preparation Before the Trip

Choosing the Right Extensions

But the first decision you have to make while getting ready for your trip is what kind of extensions to get. Regarding the kind, there is no doubt that human hair extensions are more resilient and have a more natural appearance than synthetic ones.

Proper Installation

This is because well-fitted extensions do not pose many problems during traveling. If you are still in doubt, consult a professional stylist to have them installed correctly.

Packing Your Extensions

Detachable Extensions

When using clip-ins, they should be packed differently from the other items. Hair extension users should store their hair in a hair extension storage bag or any travel case that will protect the hair from tangling and damage. Wrap each extension gently and then tie it properly with a hair band or a soft cloth before packing it in the bag. If you want to buy such hair extensions, visit

Essential Products

Pack a gentle shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and heat protectant spray, among other essentials for hair care. Because they are small, travel-sized bottles are also ideal for storing. You should also have a wide-tooth comb and a silk scarf or bonnet to cover your extension hair at night.

During the Trip

In-Flight Care

Airplanes are known to be very dry and this will cause your hair extensions to become dry as well. Treat your hair with a leave-in conditioner before you embark on the flight and pack a small travel-sized hair oil for your extensions. It is also advisable not to use heat styling tools while on the plane because the electricity supply may be erratic and this may harm your tools and your extensions.

Daily Maintenance

As with any other hair type, extensions must be cared for properly. Comb it lightly to avoid entanglement and use as little product as possible to ensure they do not accumulate. For those who are in a humid or rainy area, it is advisable to keep your extensions tidy by putting them in a braid or making a pony.

Activities and Hair Care


If you are planning to swim on your trip, it is strongly advised to not wet your extensions. Chlorine affects the hair and so does salt water. If swimming cannot be avoided, one should wear a swim cap or use a leave-in conditioner before going swimming so that a barrier is created.

Sun Protection

This is very true because if you have your extensions done, you will spend most of your time under the sun and it will dry up your extensions. Avoid washing your hair too often, especially in the sun, use a hat or a scarf when you have to venture out in the sun, or use a UV protection spray meant for hair.


So, these are some tips for you on how to travel with 14-inch hair extensions without being worried. To avoid a disastrous situation that may make you regret having the extensions, these are some tips that will help you maintain the extensions throughout your trip. Following this guide will help you to pay more attention to your trip and leave your hair woes behind.

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